Everything about Bulls on Wall Street Review Trading Course

Bulls on Wall Street Review may be your option if you’re looking for a live stock trading course. Founded in 2008, this platform quickly became popular because of its focus on social media and interactive learning. Traders of all levels can benefit from its well-organized lessons and community feel.

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Trading Kit

Bulls on Wall Street provide helpful products to those who join their platform. Among them, the most attractive is the ‘Free Bulls Trading-Kit.’ This kit comes with three items:

  1. The Bulls Trading Handbook: a comprehensive beginner guide packed with all the information you need to start trading.
  2. An introductory online trading course will give you a general orientation about how things work in finance and securities.
  3. A one-on-one consultation with an expert trader who can help assess your situation and needs and provide tailored advice on what steps to take next!

Things Included in the Kit

In the free kit, you will get four video classes. The first one is called Market Basics, and you will learn about the basics of the market. Second, the How We Trade videos tell you the strategies and principles BOW follows for its trading.

Third, Video class three focuses on the importance of technical analysis. And lastly, class four teaches the basics of charts. The total length of these videos is one hour long.

Live Classes

Once you have completed the training, Kunal offers unparalleled support. You can email him with questions or concerns and receive a prompt response. In addition, he provides an exclusive forum for students to discuss trading strategies and get feedback from each other. This is an incredibly valuable resource; I’ve never seen anything like it offered by any other educator in this industry.

So whether you are brand new to trading or looking to take your skills to the next level, these live classes will provide everything you need to succeed as a trader.

Boot Camp

The 60-Day Trading Boot camp is an intensive course that will prepare you to enter the trading world. The four-part course costs around $1,000 and takes sixty days to complete.