Selling Diamonds

Helpful Hints For Selling Your Diamonds

Diamonds are known precious stones worldwide, mostly used in the fashion industry. They are expensive and symbolize value, luxury, and status. Consequently, diamonds are rare and in demand, making it easy to find a market for your diamond jewelry or loose diamonds. Selling diamonds you no longer use is a good way to get extra cash to fix a situation, and it is also an ideal way to get value out of diamond jewelry you don’t need.

Selling diamonds is easy but getting the best value out of your diamonds is the real challenge. Here are some hints if you decide to sell diamonds.

Understand the value of your diamonds

Just because you believe that your diamond jewelry holds a lot of value doesn’t mean it does. Therefore the first thing you should do is get the piece evaluated for quality and authenticity. You may learn that it doesn’t hold much value in the first place, or it may have more value than you thought.

The best way to evaluate diamond jewelry or loose diamonds is to take them to a qualified appraiser. They can examine them and give you an unbiased opinion about the stones’ characteristics, condition, value, and factors that may impact the cost. If you are short on funds for a formal appraisal, visit two or three jewelers, and you will have a rough idea of your diamonds’ worth.

Set a realistic price

After understanding the worth of your diamonds, set a realistic price. Realistic here is the key word because many people let their emotional attachment get in the way when pricing diamonds. Just because diamond jewelry was a gift or inheritance doesn’t mean it is worth that much.

It is advisable to consider the market trends when setting the price. If a qualified appraiser evaluated the diamonds, you can be sure they used current market trends when appraising them. Alternatively, do the work yourself and compare diamonds with similar properties in retail stores and online. Keep in mind that your diamonds are not new; therefore, the price cannot be similar to that of new diamonds.

Look for diamond selling options.

You can sell your diamonds to the public or sell them to industry jewelers. It may take longer to find a buyer in public than to sell your diamond to a jeweler. Many people are reluctant to spend money on preowned diamonds, let alone buy from people they don’t know.

The other option is to sell your diamonds to a jeweler online or physically. It is much easier and safer to sell diamonds online if you find a reputable jeweler. Besides, you can compare different diamond buyers online to identify who offers the best value.

Be ready to sell

Your emotional attachment to the diamonds may get in the way of selling them. Ensure you are ready to sell before starting to look for buyers. Note that sentimental value may raise the diamond’s worth to you but not in the eyes of the buyer. Therefore avoid clinging to memories and be ready to sell before you do.

Last Word

Research extensively before selling your diamonds.