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Top 5 Tips to Manage Your Money Wisely

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Manage Your Money Wisely

Some people associate their financial challenges with them not having enough money. For many others, their challenge comes from them not spending money wisely or from spending more money than they have, which means they constantly live in debt.

Being more aware of your financial situation can pay off. It can help you manage your expenses better such that you will pay your bills and have money left over to save.

It might seem like a hard task but that’s probably because you haven’t taken the time to get more involved with how you use your money. Below is a list of 5 money management tips that can help you get your financial standing in order.

1. Use the MyCare Plan

A good idea that will help you plan for the future better is to take up the MyCare Plan from Financial Education Services (FES). You need to have an estate plan in place so that when you are unable to have a say in the management of your family’s assets, someone without your family’s best interests won’t make such decisions on your behalf.

2. Know Your Expenses

Keeping track of your expenditure is perhaps the most significant tip on this list. It’s very important that you know how much you’re bringing home and how much is leaving. This may seem like a challenge at first, but for you to better your financial future, you need to be aware of the current state of affairs.

Try and create a list of things you can live without and be honest with yourself in the process. Using a spreadsheet can help, and there are many free templates available online to use.

3.  Make a Budget

Once you’ve understood your expenses, you should try and create a budget. A budget is as necessary as having windshield wipers when driving in the rain. It may seem a bit hard to achieve but it will ultimately bring a good balance to your finances and give you peace of mind.

4. Save Some Money

Saving is a practice just about everyone needs help with. It has real-life implications and you should be on the better side should you find yourself in situations where you need a good amount of money. Putting your money in a 401k plan can also be considered saving and investment into your future yet not a lot of people see it that way.

5. Find Extra Sources of Income

Try and use all of your skills to make you some on the side. There’s a lot of work online that you can try. Can you speak French or Spanish? Try and see if you can use those language skills as a translator or as an online tutor. The Eastern hemisphere of the world is full of people eager to learn Western languages.

Plan for the Worst and Pray for the Best

Money matters is a conversation most people dread having, yet it is a conversation we should all be having. Handling your money well is more than just making your ends meet. It involves strict commitment and dedication. It may seem plain obvious but you should spend less money than you make and no matter how stressful it might be, it will be worth it in the long run.



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