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What are the Benefits of Doctor Teleconsultation Through An App?

To say the least, everybody is always busy in today’s world. Whether it is waking up early and running straight to work or leaving work late to not have the energy to do anything in the evening, anything other than our daily schedule takes a back seat. Along with a list of things, this also includes making and keeping doctor’s appointments.

However, smartphones have evolved into a solution for every problem that we have these days. This includes medical consultations as well. You can find so many apps that allow you to get consultation through online mediums. This way, if you cannot make time to actually visit a doctor, you can always opt for online doctor consultation.

What is a doctor teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation is an initiative that many healthcare apps offer as part of a holistic approach to physical well-being. Using this feature you can connect to a doctor instantly if you suddenly feel under the weather or have been putting off getting yourself checked. All you have to do is download the right app, go through the necessary sign up formalities and then you can connect with a doctor for a consultation.

These apps use state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to make teleconsultations as seamless as possible. Bridging the gap between newer patients and experienced doctors, Teleconsultations remove the obstacles of distance, time, and availability with medical consultations. Moreover, they are turning out to be the convenient mode of health check-ups.


Emerging as a part of a broader field called telemedicine, teleconsultations are effective in treating a plethora of diseases. However, that mostly depends on the doctors that you connect to through the service. However, there are many difficulties that exist outside of the medical aspect of consultations. Teleconsultations works on these difficulties and provide you with seamless healthcare services. Here are few ways they are beneficial:

  • Pocket friendly

A good share of the cost associated with a medical check-up is of the services that you use at the clinic or the hospital. Teleconsultations remove the need to actually visit any of the two. Hence, the only cost you will be paying is for the medical diagnosis you receive. Moreover, it reduces the effort and cost of commuting to and from the clinic/hospital.

  • More accessible

There has been a long-standing debate for ways to make healthcare accessible for everybody. Teleconsultations take a big step towards that goal. Today, people of every age and every walk of life have a smartphone. Hence, having the facility of online doctor consultation means there is a much larger number of people that healthcare services can now reach. Moreover, teleconsultation makes it easier for people with disabilities or people living in remote rural areas to regularly get themselves checked.

  • Preventive healthcare

Whenever you fall sick, you may always get the advice that you should get yourself checked before it gets worse. Well, we say why wait until you fall sick. It is always better to have regular check-ups rather than fall ill and lose precious time. Now, making regular check-ups involves all the trouble of booking appointments and making them on time. Moreover, it can involve a lot of money. Hence, teleconsultations allow you to get preventive check-ups when you want at a much lower price.

  • Lower risk of infections

You never know what disease you are suffering from until you actually visit a doctor and get a diagnosis. However, based on the disease you have, you can risk infecting someone else with it when you visit a clinic. Getting a teleconsultation allows you to get your diagnosis and prescription from the safety of your home.