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How much does Jackson Hewitt charge to do taxes?

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Jackson Hewitt is an American professional service to collect tax return information at the state level every year. The company is at the 2nd number as per its popularity is concerned. Jackson Hewitt has thousands of branches, up to 6000 all across the USA. You may hire many professionals from the world’s second-largest tax collecting agency. They have headquarters in New Jersey in the United States.

The company got highlighted in 2020 during the COVID-19 first wave. They raised that more than 37% of people were unemployed and didn’t know about payable taxes. With the online filing facility, the company allows you to get 100% returns and accurate service. The Jackson Hewitt prices have flexibility depending on the plan you are choosing to hire a professional. Out of a total of three methods, one is free while the rest are paid.

  • Plan one= Free
  • Plan Deluxe= $29.99
  • Plan Premium= $49.99

Additionally, they charge up to $36.99 price for the state returns filling process. The plans have a variety of options and facilities depending on the filer situation. But If you’re an unemployed tax filer, you must go for the $49.99 option.

All the processes have proper guidelines for the existing and new filers. If you have a question related to the services, you may ask online from their website. The database of the company permits you to get unlimited emails and chat support for any difficulty.


  • Chat or email support at any time
  • Flexible price options
  • Professionals to serve the tax filers

Free Plan( easy option)

If your income is less than $100,000 and you’re single or married with no dependent children, it would be the best option for you as a tax filer. Who can file the simple state and federal returns through this free plan?

Going with this option, you can still file the tax returns along with last year’s documents, either you filed them or not. It makes the filing process easy because most of the information is already declared with those documents. But still, you have unlimited email and chat support with free options.

Deluxe Plan

This luxury plan is the best for families, retirees, and homeowners equally. But the facilities for going with this option are not clear and not mentioned by Jackson Hewitt. If you have any family or other deductions, you can file with this option. But again, it depends on the number of turns on you. It may cost up to $26.99 and $36.99, depending on the type of tax return filing.

Premium Plan

If you want to file the tax returns with many details, the premium option would be the best. It has cost up to $46.99. If you are earning more than $100,000, you can go with this to provide the full details. If you have a property and want to customize the deductions, you must choose this premium option.

The Jackson Hewitt prices are high, but they will your insurance to file the returns with maximum benefits.

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